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Bitumen Stabilisation

Bitumen Stabilisation

Forms parts of ground stabilisation service.


Roads.... Tracks.... Car Parks.... Hardstands... Pathways...Buggy tracks...Bridleways 

The process

This involves the application of hot bitumen emulsions which are harrowed and rolled into the prepared type 1 sub base stone beneath or our ground reclaimed material 15 - 20 cms in depth. Two layers of standard surface dressing is applied to provide the final surface finish.

The success of the system is due to the flexibility of the polymer modified bitumen within the construction. This allows the surface to flex and stretch with ground movement and under heavy vehicle loadings.

The Bitumen Stabilisation Process has given us some outstanding results on some very poor ground conditions. It shows very good value for money and again is quite a quick process

The finished job will be hard wearing, stable and weatherproof. It is also very suited to be surface dressed for a more aesthetic finish