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Stock Pile Stabilisation for Fill Material

Stock Pile Stabilisation for Fill Materials 

Wet or Dry stock pile material can be transformed in to capping / fill material for use on site in the same way as Aggregates. Where costs of moving excavated materials to Landfill and importing Aggregates, we can convert excavated soils and materials in to useable capping and fill material. This is produced through processing the material with the addition of powder binders to produce granular fill. We can produce material that can be stock piled for continuous use on site that will replace the need for Aggregates such as MOT Type 1. Mix ratios can be achieved to produce material that will achieve specified CBR values of anything from 5% to 30%. This method reduces traffic movements to and from site, turns waste in to valuable capping material, saves time and money and reduces the impact on the local environment along with a huge reduction of the Carbon Footprint. All material processed achieves highways specifications