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Cement Stabilisation of a building formation

Cement Stabilisation

Cement stabilisation provides a bound surface and specific CBR value. Where Lime stabilisation provides a modification between soil to aggregate, Cement stabilisation provides a permanently bound solution. This is ideal for achieving CBR values of up to 100% but commonly would be 15 to 50%. Cement stabilisation will provide a bound solution to most soil types and aggregates. This is ideal for binding site materials and surfaces, road formations, building floor formations, haul roads, compounds, yards, roads and more. Where Aggregates are becoming scarce or expensive, stabilisation provides the answer. Cement stabilisation reduces the carbon foot print, reduces traffic movements both on and off site, recycles on site materials in to valuable Aggregates, speeds up the construction process, aiding accuracy to trench and foundation excavation, eliminates dust in the drier months and provides a safer environment.