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Cement Stabilisation of Soils.

Cement Stabilisation of Soils

Cement stabilisation being used to construct road formations for adopted roads on a new Housing development. The pictures show the process from start to finish. Layers are stabilised at a depth of 300mm per/layer to ensure full compaction is achieved. CBR (California baring ratio) levels are easily achieved of any required level. We can provide moisture sampling, CBR testing and pulverisation testing on site to ensure and guarantee we're working to individual specification. Stabilisation reduces material to landfill by up to 0%, seals and locks contaminated soils whilst providing zero leaching, reduces the carbon footprint over all other construction methods, saves time and increases efficiency, converts wet and water logged ground in to a weight baring construction layer in a mater of hours. Agri Plant Solutions specialising in jobs of all sizes and specifications, providing solutions for sites where others may fail to do so.