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Surface Dressing

Surface Dressing

Our range of surface dressing can be used with our basic ground reclamation and cement / chemical stabilisation services to improve longevity further reduce dust and improve the properties of you surfaces making it last up to five years longer

Bitumen Emulsion Dressing 

This is a very low cost option that will make your road weatherproof and offer more longevity. The process is simple and curing time is minimal. The area to be proofed is flooded with a specific bitumen product and the edges also sealed to stop the weather penetrating amking the surface last for up to five years longer.

Bitumen Emulsion and Chip

This method is the next stage on from the above basic weather sealant. Once flooded the bitumen will be dressed with stone chipping of a larger grade to added to the strength and durability of the drive. The area is flooded for a second time where it will then be dressed again but with a smaller chipping to produced a dense running course. The size of chippings will be dependent upon individual job requirements, but the top running course can sourced in a whole host of different colours and finishes to suit your property

Resin Surfaces

An alternative to tar and chip is our resin surface range probably suited better to smaller areas and intricate designs due to it being a hand laid process. It it incredibly hard wearing and can be laid upon almost any hard surface. It is ideal to spruce up a faded patio or driveway.

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