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Cement Stabilisation, alternative to Concrete for Yards

Concrete style Yards, Building Bases, Floors, Silage Pits, Lagoons

When ever you think concrete think Agri Plant Solution Ltd and start saving money .... Lots of it.

Agri Plant Solutions offers a radical alternative to traditional pouring concrete as part of its Cement Stablisation Service.

Cement stabilisation is recognised throughout the construction industry as a strong and viable alternative to traditional concrete products. Cement stabilisation allows the the production of long lasting and stable materials that are hard wearing and consistent.

Key Benefits

  • Cement stabilisation is CHEAPER by FAR
  • Cement stabilisation is a quicker process and far less disruptive.
  • Cement stabilisation is far less weather dependent than traditional concreting method
  • No digging out for pouring the concrete
  • No costly tiping fees
  • No time consuming shuttering
  • No part load fees
  • Lower environmental impact