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Stabilisation of Roads and Tracks

Stabilisation of Roads, Tracks, Car Parks and More


Our stabilisation service is the next tier above our ground reclamation service. 


Roads.... Tracks....Pathways....Drives.... Car Parks.... Hard Stands 

Gives a nice natural finish to surfaces with a bound profile of up to 300mm deep.  The finished surface may be dressed with your choice of dressing where required.

When to use

  • For more permanent surfaces
  • For surfaces with a poor aggregate content the cement will bind these areas together
  • For surfaces facing a heavier traffic volume.
  • For surfaces that are prone to erosion.
  • For a lower dust finish

The process

The ground is recylced with our ground reclamation machine until there is the correct mixture of aggregate available to stabilise

The required binder is carefully metered on at the calculated volumes

The binder is then worked evenly through the material produced by our reclamation machine to a depth of 15-20cms

The site is then graded or pitched to facilitate surface water drainage 

The site is then thoroughly rolled with either a self propelled vibrating roller or compaction plate to ensure that there are no air pockets left within the material profile.

The site is hydrated to a volume that optimises the chemical reaction needed to bind the aggregate.

The site is then left to cure for the prescribed amount of time

If the client wishes the site would then be surface dressed.

I posted this picture a few weeks ago but I thought I'd share it again as it shows what can be achieved using stabilisation. This was a rough and muddy track through a wood to a very nice dwelling but only accessible in winter using a 4x4. After completion our client now has a road that's easily accessible by any vehicles and no matter what the weather does.